M&C delivers medical facility, services and equipment procurement, and construction solutions to address the challenges of medical Clients.

For over 10 years, M&C has been supporting governments and private institutions with medical products and services, making M&C the brand to turn to when demand for quality and affordable medical equipment, facilities and services arises.

The current CoVid-19 Pandemic has created a global demand for Co-Vid-19 testing kits and diagnosing machines; Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Ventilation support for most severely affected patients. M&C Africa delivers the best-in-class solutions at all volumes required, ongoing, despite the global shortages experienced…especially by African countries.

Demand for financed, fully furbished and equipped emergency field hospitals to be erected to deal with the overwhelming medical support required, have arisen and M&C Africa is perfectly placed to deal with this demand. We can offer turnkey functioning solutions in a matter of weeks.

Clients in the medical field, especially government ministries, rely on M&C Africa’s extensive experience in the delivery of best-in-class solutions.

M&C’s experience in procurement, raising funding, construction, operations, maintenance, and product efficiency and performance helps Clients reduce operating costs, improve service delivery, and deliver best in class medical care…ongoing.