M&C delivers manufacturing, engineering, procurement, installation, construction, financing, and management solutions to address the challenges of our Communication Clients.

Most African countries rely on mobile networks for all connectivity as there are very few fixed line operators. M&C Africa can offer a turnkey solution for persons, companies and governments looking to install a new network or update an existing one. We offer best-in-class hardware and software with various financing options, depending on the clients needs, status and wishes. We also bring in expat expertise as required.

M&C Africa will now only enter a new market with a state-of-the-art 5G network from the get-go, offering various unique solutions to both client and end-user, including a bouquet of financial services. We will ensure that any new network we install will be be the best performing network in the country/region.

Clients in the communications sector rely on M&C’s extensive experience in the delivery of best-in-class solutions.

M&C’s experience in procurement, installation, management, financing, operations, maintenance, and asset performance helps Clients reduce operating costs, improve productivity, and increase the value of their business. We continue to work in tandem with our Clients to grow and improve our combined offering. is coming soon…